Schnelllesemethode-Software Best Reader. Firmenzeichen

Schnelllesemethode-Software Best Reader

Download Best Reader 6.1 (Englisch) [2,5Mb] und Versuch es umsonst

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Best Reader speed reading software family

English version

Best Reader is the english version of our speed reading software for improving reading technique and increasing reading comprehension.

Best Reader features:

  1. Number of exercises:
    • text reading - 92,
    • field of sight testing and widening - unlimited,
    • Schulte tables for field of sight widening - unlimited.

  2. System requirements:
    Pentium 75MHz, RAM 16Mb, 10Mb of free disk space, SVGA.
    OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003

  3. Installer and Uninstaller.

  4. The virtual tutor called Assistant.

  5. The ability to change a font and its size according to your preferences.

  6. The ability to use Best Reader as a productivity tool for reading .TXT and .RTF files.

  7. A wide range of settings for comfortable reading .TXT and .RTF files. You may select:
    • a font face,
    • a font size,
    • a reading speed,
    • a text width,
    • a text alignment,
    • a width of field of sight.

  8. A short free trial (about 1 day only). It is enough to see how your reading speed will grow.

Best Reader is available now in downloadable form only. The retail boxes displayed on this page are virtual boxes and are not yet available.

Download Best Reader 6.1 [2502 Kb] or Buy now English version

Spanish version
La versión en español de Best Reader

Best Reader ES is the spanish version of Best Reader.
Visit home page of spanish version.
Visite la página WEB de la versión español.

Download Best Reader ES 6.1 [2557 Kb] or Buy now Spanish version
Descargue Best Reader ES 6.1 o Compre ahora Best Reader ES

Russian version
Best Reader

Best Reader RU is the russian version of Best Reader.
Visit home page of russian version.

Download Best Reader RU 6.1 [2505 Kb] or Buy now Russian version
Best Reader RU 6.1 [2505 Kb]

Swedish version
Svensk version

Best Reader SE is the swedish version of Best Reader.
Visit home page of swedish version.
G till hemsidan för den svenska versionen.

Download Best Reader SE 6.1 [2 Mb] eller Buy now Swedish version.
Ladda ner Best Reader SE 6.1 [2 Mb] eller Köp Nu den Svenska versionen.

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Verfgbare Versionen

English version

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Русская версия
Программа обучения скорочтению Best Reader
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Versión Español

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Svensk version

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